Small Town, USA – Part 5

One of the differences between living in a big city as opposed to living in a small town is the types of crimes that are committed.

A city may have murders and kidnappings and bank robberies; a town has its share of petty robberies but murders may not have caught up to the small town yet., There is a big difference in the conduct of the citizens though.

Big city people check all their locks before going to sleep. Townspeople just hope for the best. Maybe it’s because big-time violence hasn’t arrived yet. Here is a sample of the type of crimes being perpetrated in my town.

Two weeks ago, a thief stole a bunch of lawn sprinkling heads from a nursery garden. Tell me what kind of person says to himself, “What can I steal tonight? Oh, I know, I’ll steal me some sprinkling heads.”

A couple of months ago, someone broke into a pickup truck. There were all sorts of safety equipment and a satellite radio among other pricey things, but the thief must have been thirsty because all he took was a can of soda and two AA batteries. Sorry, I can’t explain the batteries. We have some really quirky thieves.

The biggest theft that I can remember was a missing car, however the guy left his keys in the ignition and the car door unlocked. Oops. But that isn’t as uncommon as you would think.

Lots of people leave their car doors unlocked. It must be force of habit when you’ve grown up in a small town. The thing is while they were playing in the schoolyard, and graduating from high school and later raising a family, their small town grew up with them. It was a smaller town back then.

Times they are a-changin’.


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1959 Chevy Impala Convertible

Can you believe I used to own and drive one of these?

A 1959 white Chevy convertible with red interior. It was sweet! Mine didn’t sport an Elvis tag, but everything else looked the same.

A car like that spoils you for every other car that comes into your life, especially when you had no idea that the cars in your future would all be shaped like cereal boxes.

Oh, well. I just wanted a few minutes to reminisce about a honey of a car.

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Turn Signals May Be Detrimental To Your Health

Not using them, that is!

Why have so many people stopped using turn signals? Too lazy? Or maybe cutting cars off is more macho? I don’t know. What I do know is blood pressure rises when the car in front of you brakes to make a turn, or swerves into your lane without signaling.

Aside from raising your blood pressure, the “no turn signal” habit can kill you.

A lot of people feel the same way. See Ed’s Thoughts On Life

I don’t care who you are, where you’re driving, who’s around you or any other excuse you might give, if you don’t use your turn signal when driving your vehicle you make the roads a little bit less safe. On city and country roads – okay maybe you can have a little lea-way, but for gosh sake when driving on the highway, use your friggin’ turn signal!

The last time I bought a new car, the turn signals weren’t part of an optional package. All cars come equipped with turn signals. They’re meant to be used. They’re not an option.

Tension and anxiety levels in our society are on the rise. Stressful situations already abound in our fast-paced lives, why add to the pressure cooker?  Clogteachr doesn’t like sharing the road with the “crazies,” either.

Are these really an option when it comes time to purchasing a car? You would think so. It is just polite to use them … I mean how else are we to know that you want to turn?

Of course if the police don’t even use their signals why should the general public. You can get a ticket for not using one.

I was watching the movie “Shoot ’em Up” (with Clive Owen) this weekend and the director made a point about this. You only have to move your finger a half an inch to signal you are changing lanes … so come on people be connsiderate …

A half an inch–with one finger–is all it takes. If everyone used signals there would be less of this,


And more of this.


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10% Ethanol Added To Your Gas – Lovely

Have you noticed whether your gas station is putting ethanol in their gas? Have you noticed that your gas mileage has decreased?


Classic Cars

I saw three classic cars this past week! And they weren’t sitting on display at a car exhibition. They were actually on the road with someone behind the wheel driving them. The sight of each one made my heart sing.

The first one I saw was unmistakable, a Chevy BelAir.



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